Store rule

  1. All laws and regulations of this store are in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  2. Any copying and use of content and photos in the store without mentioning the source is prohibited and the subject can be prosecuted
  3. Please consult with our consultants about any questions and ambiguities before making any purchase, our consultants will answer you during business hours.
  4. If 48 hours after registering the order, the buyer requests a change in the purchase and informs.
  5. Methods of sending goods:

Delivery of cargo to the factory door located in Ivanki Industrial Town and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
At the request of the buyer, it is possible to send cargo through urban and suburban cargoes. (The buyer is responsible for delivering cargo to suburban cargoes)

  1. Payment Method:

The payment method is in cash and the settlement must be done before the cargo leaves the factory.
Validity of prices is 72 hours from the issuance of the pre-invoice, after this period, the inquiry will be re-inquired.
To register your order and receive the final pre-invoice, contact us or contact us by sending a text message or WhatsApp message to 09124587669.

  1. When buying, make sure that you choose the correct code and the desired area.
  2. When receiving the goods, make sure that the goods do not have any defects, if you see a problem, do not deliver the goods and contact us to solve the problem.
  3. After the products are delivered, no exchange or return will take place.
  4. Be sure to check the stock of the product you want before buying.

Due to the high number of goods on the site and the physical sale of products, the stock of your selected goods may be zero or not available as many as you want, to avoid any problems before buying, be sure to contact the sales department and buy without worries and safe Do it .